About AR Valve Group

ar-valve-logo-colorOur home is our biggest investment and protecting that is a top priority. With the full line of AR Valve, LLC products, we can help eliminate water damage within the home while reducing our environmental footprint on water consumption.

Tri-FLO Toilet Guard

We have developed the TRI-FLO TOILET GUARD to help consumers not only prevent
CATASTROPHIC damage, but reduce their water COSTS and the amount of water that is
WASTED due to:

• Flapper Malfunctions
• Overflows
• Leaks


Using this same patent-pending technology, AR Valve Group, LLC will be launching additional products that will eliminate catastrophic water damage, costly water waste, and aid in water conservation for the following appliances:

• Dishwashers
• Ice Makers
• Hot Water Heaters
• Washing Machines
• Whole Home System

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