I am so excited to see a product that will finally protect my home from unexpected toilet issues. Recently my refill tube on my toilet came disconnected and it leaked gallons of water all over the downstairs of my house. The damage amounted to over $5000 in repairs to my flooring and furniture. If I would have had a Tri-Flo Toilet Guard installed, this would never have happened. All of the water would have been shut off to my toilet after about 10 seconds longer than the flush time. I have now purchased 3 Tri-Flo Toilet Guards for all 3 of my bathrooms.
– Michelle Young

I have a toilet in my house that has been running for a couple of months now. Every time I hear it running I go in and shake the handle thinking that I have fixed the problem only to find that later it is running again. A friend of my suggest that I research the Tri-Flo Toilet Guard online. I never realized how much water I was wasting and how much it was costing me! 2 gallons per minute for a small leak really can add up. Thank you Tri-Flo Toilet Guard for not only helping me save money on my water bill but also reduce the amount of water I use daily.
– Matt Morey