Why Use Tri-FLO?

Catastrophic Damage

Protect Your Largest Investment, Your Home

  • Toilet malfunctions account for the 2nd most reported water loss event within a home with one third of these events coming from a toilet that has overflowed or had some sort of blockage.
  • The damage that results from toilet malfunctions can cost homeowners, on average, $5,584 per incident after their deductible was met. (Source: Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety, Toilet Failure Risks)
  • The Fill Valve is the most common failure component of the toilet.
  • Toilets that OVERFLOW not only waste significant amounts of water, but they also create a black water situation which causes the environment around the overflow to become toxic with the possibility of a mold spore and/or fungus infestation.



The Tri-Flo Toilet Guard can stop this problem immediately.
With this Patent Pending technology, our smart microprocessor learns the amount of time it takes your toilet to fill back up and should water continue to run beyond this time period, ALL water is shut off to the toilet. This could save the homeowner thousands of dollars in repairs costs.

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