Causes for Malfunction

Reasons for Flapper Malfunctions:

  • Most likely this is caused by an old and/or faulty toilet Flapper.
  • Since the Flapper is made out of an inexpensive rubber, over time it can decay or can get mineral buildup from the water conditions.
  • Replacing the Flapper is relatively easy and inexpensive. According to the EPA, consumers should replace old Flappers with new ones that are labeled “WaterSense”.
  • Fixing a Flapper (PDF)

Reasons for Toilet Leaks:

  • Leaks are usually caused by a failure of the wax seal at the bottom of the toilet.
  • Leaks could also occur if your toilet is not secured to the ground correctly or if the bolts holding the toilet to the floor are loose.

Reasons for Overflows

  • Overflows happen for a number of reasons including too much toilet paper being flushed or a foreign object being tossed in the bowl.
  • If you have an blockage in the bowl, you should only try to flush the toilet one time. If that doesn’t eliminate the problem and you flush again, you will have an over flow.
  • There are several techniques that can be used to eliminate a blockage:

– Dish Soap and Hot Water Method
– Plunger Method
– Wire Coat Hanger Method
– Plumbing Snake Method
– Using gloved hands, reach in and pull out
– Wet Vac Method
– Enzymes Method
– Baking Soda and Vinegar Method
– Chemical Method
the blockage

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The Tri-Flo Toilet Guard can stop this problem immediately. With this patent-pending technology, our smart processor learns the amount of time it takes your toilet to fill back up and should water continue to run beyond this time period, ALL water is shut off to the toilet.