Product Information for Tri-FLO

Flapper Malfunctions

The Tri-FLO Toilet Guard (Patent Pending) uses a smart microprocessor that learns your toilet’s flushing habits and will stop the flow of water to the toilet if it is flowing longer than normal. Not only does the device stop the water from flowing to the toilet, but when the flapper gets stuck or if it is faulty, an audible alarm is sounded to alert the user that the system as been tripped.

This ensures that water will not continue to “run” which could cause both significant loss of water as well as catastrophic damage to not only the bathroom, but other areas of the home.


The Tri-FLO Toilet Guard (Patent Pending) uses specialized technology that senses when too much water is flowing to the toilet.

Internal leaks occur when parts inside the water closet are not operating properly, such as the flapper or fill valve, causing costly water waste. External leaks occur when components inside or outside the water closet are not functioning correctly such as a cracked water closet, leaking seals/gaskets, or leaking plumbing parts/connections.


The Tri-FLO Toile Guard (Patent Pending) is able to stop nasty overflows using an algorithm that is programmed into the device to automatically shut off the water supply to the toilet after more than two flushes per occurrence.

Overflows which not only cause damage to the residence but pose a great health hazard due to the germs and bacteria from the “black water” and the possibility of black mold growth from residual moisture.

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